२०२० दुर्गा पूजा के दौरान नवमी के दिन चण्डी हवन उज्जैन, मध्यप्रदेश, भारत के लिए

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२०२० नवमी हवन
अपना शहर खोजें:
२०२० नवरात्रि के दौरान नवमी चण्डी हवन का समय उज्जैन, भारत के लिए

नवमी हवन का दिन

अक्टूबर २०२०
चण्डी हवन
नवरात्रि के दौरान नवमी हवन करते हुए

नवमी हवन का समय

नवमी हवन अक्टूबर २४, २०२० (शनिवार) के दिन
नवमी हवन का समय = ०६:५८ से १७:५०
अवधि = १० घण्टे ५१ मिनट्स
नवमी हवन अक्टूबर २५, २०२० (रविवार) के दिन
नवमी हवन का समय = ०६:३२ से ०७:४१
अवधि = १ घण्टा ९ मिनट्स
नवमी तिथि प्रारम्भ = २४/अक्टूबर/२०२० को ०६:५८ बजे
नवमी तिथि समाप्त = २५/अक्टूबर/२०२० को ०७:४१ बजे
टिप्पणी - २४ घण्टे की घड़ी उज्जैन के स्थानीय समय के साथ और सभी मुहूर्त के समय के लिए डी.एस.टी समायोजित (यदि मान्य है)।
२०२० नवमी हवन

Navami Homa is very significant ritual during Navratri and Durga Puja. Navami Homa is also known as Chandi Homa and Chandi Homam. People perform Navami Homa to please Goddess Durga and seek Her blessing for the good health and the victory over all sort of obstacles in life.

Navami Homa during Navratri and Durga Puja is done during day time as it is believed that Homa done during night is not fruitful. Hence Navami Homa is done during day time while Navami Tithi is prevailing. Homa during Durga Puja is suggested after Navami Puja.

Most people perform Navami Homa while chanting 700 verses from Durga Saptashati and Aahuti (आहुति) is done on each of the verse. Hence one needs at least 2 to 3 hours to perform ritualistically minimum Homam during Navami. In some years Navami Tithi gets over pretty soon after sunrise and one doesn’t get enough time to perform Navami Puja and Homa.

If Navami Tithi gets over pretty soon after sunrise then it starts before Sayanakal on previous day and a good portion of Navami Tithi prevails on Ashtami Tithi. If it happens then Navami Homa can be done on the previous day and it is suggested in religious texts. The Homa on Ashtami Tithi could be started any time while Ashtami Tithi is prevailing and should be finished when Navami Tithi starts prevailing but before sunset. In other words Homa should be continued while Tithi crosses over Ashtami to Navami.

Drik Panchang lists the appropriate timings to perform Navami Homa during Durga Puja. If Navami prevails for more than 3 Muhurat on previous day before sunset then we list Homa timings on Ashtami Tithi as well as on Navami Tithi.
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